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Notice About Confidentiality of Customer Information

Information in your Luce Bayou Public Utility District (the “District”) customer account record, including information regarding customer usage, services, and billing, including amounts billed or collected for utility usage, is generally excepted from disclosure under Texas Government Code, Chapter 552 (Public Information Act). However, the Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182 (Rights of Utilities Customers) provides that a customer of a government-operated utility may request that the government-operated utility disclose personal information in a customer’s account record, including the customer’s address, or any information relating to the volume or units of utility usage or the amounts billed to or collected from the individual for utility usage.* Additionally, a customer or a representative of the customer may receive information excepted from disclosure if the information directly relates to utility service provided to the customer and is not otherwise confidential by law.

This form enables you to request disclosure of certain information under Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182.

Request for Disclosure of Customer Information (PDF)